Free Roulette Online for Australians Fans

Throughout the history of the virtual staking, the roulette has taken its stable position amid the thrill-seekers of Australia. Apart from the amusing process of playing, the hazardous game has quite an interesting derivation. According to some resources, the residents of the Ancient Greece used the rolling shield for the entertainments.

Does it resemble you something? So, I think we can consider that period as the start of the activity origin – at least some peculiarities of it came up and served as a type of the time spending. For many days I was obsessed with the idea to write a few lines about it. So, now everything is ready for your attention.

AUD Roulette Games & Types – Pumba’s Guide

The list of casino games from many modern software suppliers doesn’t exist without the online roulette. Being founded in Paris, it is today the permanent hobby of many gentlemen, ladies and the representatives of the contemporary youth.

In France the first ever real ground-based gambling house appeared in 1765. It happened due to the French Minister Jules Mazarin. In 15 years, the game became so exciting and wide-spread, that the Gallic players brought it to other locations, including America and some European territories. When it came to Monaco, the world of hazard there simply boomed.

It was a colossal step forward in the development of the chance-taking activity. After that, the adventurers of India, Russian Empire and Turkey could enjoy something new. Up to the date, there are 3 fundamental kinds: American, French (original) and European. Each country added its own peculiarities and I will show you now all of them.


The roulette revealed itself in America when the French immigrants stepped upon the territory. New Orleans pleasantly welcomed the game in 1800. Overcoming many bans and legalization issues, the entertainment managed to survive and take root. The prime stuff about this type is the occurrence of Double Zero – one more special sector on the playing surface.

Due to it, the chances of the casino are increased and the ones of the player, consequently, are decreased. Nevertheless, it doesn’t possess a huge appeal amid the Americans. Here, craps and poker are more interesting for the gamblers. In Australia all sorts are in the enumeration of the possible leisure variants.

In Las Vegas and on the land of Atlantic City, it is just an addition to all other amusements in the institutions. Online American roulette stands higher than the real one. Its wheel has the division for 38 parts – each with the number. All of them are red, black and only 0 and 00 are green. This variation has 11 bet kinds.


The appearance of a French variation has caused lots of controversial versions. There are many theories, according to which, the invention of the rolling wheel belongs to the eminent scientist of France. However, its commercial adaptation has been improved later after that. The wheel disk has 37 equal segments with the appropriate numbers.

There’s a Zero sector (no 00). Before the basic performance, every client sets an entry. He or she selects the digits, the color, or the combination of the value and the color. There are 10 various kinds of the entries. The dealer acts as a casino side and you play against him. The biggest winning is feasible due to the stake on a single attribute and the chances compose 35:1.

online roulette for all australian users


Another title of the European amusement is the game with one Zero. There’s a classic playing wheel with the sectors for the usual attributes and the one for 0. The birth of this kind was in the 19th century in Germany.

François Blanc for me as well as for many other thrill-seekers is the man who opened the entertainment for the European adventurers. He modified the French activity, having extracted 00. I am so sure that everyone has heard about the story that this guy had made a deal with the devil to cover the secrets of the game.

Top Table Casino Providers

Along with the slots, blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat and other activities, the well-respected software providers occupy their time today with the development of the online roulette platforms for many devices and sources.

Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, RealTime Gaming, IGT, NextGen Gaming, Novomatic, Rival, Aristocrat, WMS, Betsoft and many other online gambling companies create today the best staking solutions for the usage in Australia.

There is the list of the offers from all of them for you to investigate: Roulette Royal, Gold Line, 3D Roulette, Pro Version, Roulette Professional Series, etc. Every designer tries to form something new and fresh to stand out and offers you the way to relax and spend your weekends.

Supplier Platforms

I know that for many of you, my lovely Aussie gamblers, the fact that the computer is not the only device for playing will blow the consciousness up. Yeah, the technologies don’t stand, they undergo the steady development, improvement and integration.

Due to it, you can currently take almost any portable instrument and make bets on red or black. The ongoing part of the chapter will narrate about all possible formats that the soft manufacturers suggest for today, including PC, mobile and live versions.


The classic way to enjoy online Australian roulette is via the personal computer or the laptop. That is the traditional desktop format which we got used to. When the first hazardous games started appearing, we played them in the browser – they were the standard Flash programs with no difficult management tools.

For today, you have a choice: there are the downloadable online casinos with the virtual roulette in its arsenal and the instant houses. If you install the entire portal on your computer, be sure that the system will stand the pressure and the load.

Old CPU is not appropriate as you won’t avoid malfunctioning. Update the PC, add more operating memory modules, set the newest OS vers, install the antivirus and do everything that will smooth the playing process. Also, if you possess Mac, you’d better apply nothing, but the instant mode.


The biggest wonder for veterans is that they can take the smartphone and enjoy the performance from there. Naturally, the modern youth in 90% of the cases does that on the move. Why not?

That is a perfect way to occupy the time in a line, in a traffic jam, waiting for someone. The format is not a monotypic one: instant regime and the exclusive application are for your alternative, Aussie.

best online roulette for ausssie players


The best method for those who have a great Internet access (3G or a normal service plan from the operator) is the instant regime. Moreover, if you use the old and not powerful device, so don’t even try to download the entertainment on it.

The process will not bring you much pleasure. Advanced HTML5 games with amazing interfaces and music accompaniment are for you to experience as the collection of them is endless. If you find no positive sides here, so read further.


The biggest achievement of the latter-day IT is the implementation of the native applications. It implies that a special app will match a certain OS on your device – it is compatible with it and all its technical characteristics.

Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phones, Flurry and other mobile systems accept the programs of this type. Simply check the markets (App Store, Google Play Market, etc.) and hunt for something you wish to set on the gadget. It can be not only the telephone.

You can take the tablet as one more instrument. The key thing is the operating memory – 3-4 GB is the normal scale. Of course, choose the device with good screen resolution, diagonal, IPS or Amoled tech and other peculiarities that can affect the staking procedure.

Live PC

Another format, which is typical of practically all virtual table games, is the live dealer mode. I think it is more favorable switching it on via the personal computer or the laptop. Big display is essential here. The format enables you to watch the croupier, his movements, his emotions and, what’s the most important, the marble.

The operators started today asking really beautiful dealers to take part. Microgaming initiated the policy of the pretty girls from Playboy invitation. And you know what? It increased the audience and the popularity of the format. They usually equip gorgeous studios for the broadcast, so that the users could see the eye-catching environment, but not the black or gray background.

Live Mobile

A bit later the developers thought: live PC was not sufficient for the modern market. That was the breakthrough when the first live dealer roulette games on the mobile devices had come up. The chance to play in movement and see everything happening in the studio: what can be better for the real Australian gambler?

This integration is not yet perfect. The desktop version is more convenient, but still the designers don’t stop improving their creations. HTML5 is the technology used for such entertainments. The format offers a real-time streaming of the HD video, down-to-earth interface, original gambling house atmosphere and many other advantages.

Real Money Roulette Payback

For your information, the earning power is not the stuff to avoid investigating. Actually, you should examine this information as a matter of priority. Two notions are the Return to Player and the house edge. By the way, there are 3 types of the RTP: theoretical, expected and actual. Do not mix them up while hunting for the coefficients for a definitive roulette kind.

There is no a single value of the payout. Each entertainment has its own. Generally, 97-99% is the most wide-spread index. The advantage of the portal also varies. 0 roulette sort offers 2.7%, 00 – 5.26%. When applying the appropriate strategies, you can enhance these rates. So, the next paragraph is about all possible tactics.

online roulette bonuses and promotions


Every player knows the Martingale Roulette Strategy. It implies the increase of the stakes after each loss until the winning comes up. It is very often applicable when betting on the colors. There are multiple tables with the hints for using this cheat plan. There is a variation called Paroli or Reverse Martingale.

Its principle is almost the same. The D’Alembert System is the next one that’ll definitely help you. It is less risky than the previous tactic. Its sub-type is Reverse D’Alembert. The rest of the unique strategies are Fibonacci and its reverse type, Labouchere, Oscar’s Grind and James Bond System.

Stake Types

As all other hazardous entertainments on the Internet, the digital roulette also includes the entry as one of the basic points. I will signify all stakes that you have a feasibility to make playing this very chance-taking activity. They are: five, corner, straight, split, column, line, high/low, street, color, even/odd and a dozen.

AU$$$ Roulette Bonuses for Aussies

And how can we do without the bonuses? No way. That’s why I wish to familiarize you with the promotions available playing the online roulette. Every betting portal offers its users the chance to receive the prize for the registration. It is a Sign Up promo or, in case of some supplements, the Welcome Package. Just make a profile and arrange some of the above depicted stakes.

There are the cashable propositions, which become acceptable after the money investment. The operators organize various loyalty plans, VIP programs for high-rollers and tournaments for all thrill-seekers. There are the match bonuses, comp points, refer-a-friend, cashback, time and scheduled promotions on the sites.

How to Claim

Without the knowledge of the bonus claiming process, you’ll still obtain it. Creating an account on the portal, you’ll automatically be rewarded with the benefit. Depositing for the 1st time, you’ll also win the present.

Just do what you want and, who knows, probably, this action will turn the profitable one. The fundamental conditions for the promos are usually the deposits. In some matters, you gotta type the code from the promotional coupon. However, that’s optional.

How to Withdraw

The encouragement withdrawal procedure is complicated. I won’t hide this phenomenon from you, my readers. There are the issues for you to study out before requesting the money: wager and the banking options.

The turnover goes first. Then, opt for the appropriate payment method with the lowest fees and adequate services (PayPal, Ecopayz, Neteller, MasterCard, eCheck, etc.). Then, the access to your winning will be opened.