Best PayPal Casinos for Australians

No other online payment system with such a funny title as PayPal exists today. It implies “Hey, my friend, pay for me!”. That is the brand that the greatly influential service of the modernity bears. In the circle of the active Australian Internet users, it possesses a fabulous reputation.

I beg you, don’t reckon that its history is the one of the easy success. It is more like the huge efforts that culminated in the cross-border acknowledgment. Due to the hard labor of Max Levchych (programming skills) and Elon Musk (financial background), today the clients of the online casino PayPal games have no concerns relating to the banking.

PayPal Payment System – Pumba’s Study

Initially there were two companies (Xcom and Max Levchych team), but till one moment they had cut their individual ways in business and development. Confinity was the primary title of the firm after the merger (1998). In 2000 Xcom bought up the whole plan and they launched the work on the materialization of the reliable and convenient system of the online payments.

The first really estimable success was after dealing with eBay. They acquired a general recognition and more appeal amid the thrill-seekers. I have a strong faith that without such attitude to the project, they would never achieve such a progress and drive out the opponents.

Casino Payment Solution Apps

There are 2 worthy categories of the devices used by the gamblers for the virtual funds’ management. One share of them still applies PC, another – mobile phones or the tablets. I personally can pay via them both as the situations differ. So, basing the opinion on my individual approach, I wish to consider mobile applications and the programs for computers as PayPal offers these two methods.


The PC version is the most accustomed thing for 50% of the users. There is a site which they can open and see all options and possibilities. It displays the animation with people applying the mechanism, proposition to sign up with no charge, the functions to buy or to sell.

In the lower segment of the Internet page, there are the links to the “Help”, “Fees”, “Security”, “Features” and “Shop” departments, plus the information “About”, “Blog”, “Jobs”, “Sitemap” and “Developers”. All needed details are exactly on the front page and you can attain them. The full screen site is rather convenient, has no superfluous elements and possesses the laconic structure.


PayPal provides the applications for both Apple and Android supported gadgets. Hunting for it in the App Store, you’ll face the app that weights about 200 MB. However, that regards the latest update – 6.7.2 (the 6th of December 2016). It has many languages to opt for: English, Danish, French, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Russian, German, etc.

It is compatible with iOS version of 8.1 and newer ones. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are suitable for installing it. Android app weights less (25 MB only). The version is 6.7.2 released on the 30th of November 2016. There are more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Market.

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4 Step Guide

I suggest you undergo the same procedure that I did. It’s the 4 step guide that will assist in managing the service. So, I’ll now explain everything to you and the points below are for you to check out carefully:

  1. Register on the PayPal site and arrange the verification of your fresh account (choose “Sign Up for free” button, opt the type of the acc – Personal, Business or Premier, fill in the form, justify the e-mail, push “Get verified” button);
  2. Create the FNB account with no charges (go to the official site, send all required documents via fax, finish the registration);
  3. Enter your newly made up FNB profile and connect your active PayPal acc to it (simply follow the instructions);
  4. Finish! Now you can exploit the systems for all casino related payments on the net quickly and with no barriers in Australia.

Quick & Easy Money Transfers for Aussies

Following the results of the 2014 year, every tenth dollar was transferred through this electronic wallet. And a significant share of the transfers belongs to the Aussie gamblers. A really worthy thing about the mechanism is that it involves genuine money, but not the imagined title signs. It attracts the players and permits them to perform depositing and withdrawing of cash without the fear and concern.


There is no challenge to deposit via PayPal. Your assignment is to select the method of topping up the account. That is possible via the cards (credit or debit), from the other account, using ATM and other ways. Once the funds come to the payment balance, you can open the online casino sites and search for the appropriate mechanism in the “Banking” section. You can link your card to the profile, so that to simplify the constant process of depositing.


Withdrawing – not less significant option for all thrill-seekers – is quite available with this e-wallet. Having the card linked to the account, you can request for drawing out of the necessary sum. When you top up the balance, the money comes just immediately, here the situation differs a bit. After the inquiry is approved, you get to expect from 3 to 6 days till the momentum of the cash arrival.

Account Security

The payment service has implemented so strong, effective and many-sided security system, that it may require an additional article on my resource. They offer the program of the buyers and sellers protection. In this matter, they direct all efforts on defending the casino players’ investments.

Moreover, you get to follow the actuality of your soft. Regularly update the browser version and install the antivirus component. Any time you notice the fishing or fraudulent action, write to the support department (or better call as I usually do).

paypal casino security level


When you apply the method, get ready to investigate the fees. Firstly, you never pay for registration in the system. Sending cash from your acc to the other PayPal one, forget about paying the commission. When you undertake it with the credit card, the charge composes 2.9% of the amount + $0.3. The same is for depositing.

Currency Charge

There is an option of the currency exchange. However, it’s not the gratuitous one. Initially, investigate the currency rates. 4% of the general sum that you are out for converting is to be invested. However, the specifications can alter and you’d better follow the news on the site so that to adhere to all updates. Within the system the price can also be 2.5% (if it’s not about the purchase).

Within Australia

When you send AUD dollars from your acc to another one in Australia via the PayPal balance or the banking source, so it’ll be free. By dint of the cards, this function will cost 2.4% + $0.3. That is what relates to the island users of the online gambling houses that accept the payment service.


For the strangers, the currency conversion tariff may be the responsibility either of the human who sends or receives. Taking the PayPal profile with the connected bank account, the charge will be 0.5%-3.3% (it hangs on the location). Applying the card – it is 3.9%-7.4% + a fixed commission (it also rides on the region).

Limits to Know

The maximal sum that you can send through a single operation is $10,000. The total can differ as there are various currencies and rates. There are also the withdrawal restrictions, but there is a functionality that allows lifting it up and requesting for the bigger sums from the hazardous portals. Very often it composes about $500 month by month.

PayPal Casino Extra Services

The worthiness of the electronic wallet is tremendous. Due to it, many experienced players have today the stable way of depositing and withdrawing. It is so essential for them. Naturally, it is not perfect, there is a range of the misunderstandings that don’t satisfy many people. Nevertheless, here are three significant extra services that can impress and bring profit. Let’s deeply examine them.

Customer Support

One of the arguments of the security background and respect to the users is a strong customer support team. First and foremost, you can check all questions on the site with the solutions. If you can’t notice the stuff urgent for you, so simply ask personally. Use the e-mail, phone number or usual form, pointing out the issue of your concern. The manager will definitely inspect the problem and offer you the ways of its solution asap.

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VIP Treatment

There is one more service called VIP treatment. The users can register the VIP accounts and that will suggest numerous privileges and advantages. Lifting up the withdrawal limit won’t be a trouble at all. You’ll face the chance to arrange more transactions every 30 days. The fees also will be different (of course, lower). Additional security measures can be proposed to you as a very important profile owner.

Mobile Money Payments

Another extra option is feasible via the mobile device. It is One Touch characteristic and you can examine it after the installation on your gadget. Then, activate it, following the link on the PayPal web page from the cell browser. The object is to make your transactions faster. You can now send and receive cash clicking only one time. The perfect solution with the minimum of efforts. Prepare your Apple smartphone or any Android tool and launch the program.

PayPal Casino – PUMBA Rated

Oh…I wince at the memories when I was hunting for the ideal online casino to play. Now I know what to take into consideration as not all portals are adequate for the real money acting. And I wish to share my experience with you, my lovely readers.

Expert Reviews

There are people whose task is to investigate the gambling houses and describe them writing the reviews with their comments and recommendations. That is a blazing source of information, especially if you guess nothing about the betting club. The authors narrate about all details: payouts, game variety, odds, security systems, registration process, banking options, technologies, formats, etc. It is all rather haughty for you to be aware of.

Forum Feedbacks

One more way of emerging into the search to the utmost is checking the feedbacks of those players who have tested the portal and possess some data to bandy about. There are lots of the relevant forums with various topics considering all issues. Read them all, make insight into the problem, ask your own questions and take part in the conversation. Such communication will assist in the apprehension of the gambling stuff.

Bonus Policy Variety

One more criteria of the choice is the exploration of the bonuses. The operator should offer both deposit and free promotions. You can obtain the non-cashable encouragement for signing up (Welcome Packages with no cash investments or standard Sign Up prizes). The group of the deposit benefits implies that you get to top up the balance to acquire the feasibility to receive at least one of the offers.

Amid them you can face the match prizes of a certain %, the ones for the 1st and the other consecutive investments. The more bonuses are there, the better the casino is. Note that. There are also the scheduled encouragements, VIP programs, rewards for inviting the friends, comp points and lots of other things to gladden the registered users.