Free Blackjack Online for Australians Gamers

Each citizen of the online gambling world seeks for something new to experience. You can diverge your gameplay with changing the software of the site, bonuses to activate or free casino games to play. Each alternative leads to various solutions.

Relax and try to imagine a perfect leisure for you. What do you see? A reliable and legal casino, attractive and beneficial promotions, entertaining games with high jackpots. Seems like a paradise, which can come true, by the bye. Follow my thoughts and you will reveal the whole truth about cards pastime.

Blackjack Kinds Recommended by Pumba

Each online player starts the gambling adventure with observing the list of game kinds. There, you are bound to meet slot machines, jackpots, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, Live and… BLACKJACK. Yeah, the favorite entertainment of the most gamers is at your disposal anytime.

Entering each section, you will notice that the biggest amount of alternatives is presented by slots and BJ. Depending on the software you pick, the number of variations can reach up to 40 titles. The same cards, the same aim, yet, the rules and features differ a bit. That is why, I suggest you getting to know the most popular and played types of the games with me.

Atlantic City

The fact that this very type is the first one to discuss is not by accident. Meet one of the most popular variants of 21 game right on your screen. The rules are very simple and pretty standard. You are to experience 8 decks of playing cards, and relish the Hole Card pastime. The Dealer, in his turn, stands any time when having 17 or more.

Be very attentive and use Split feature widely. You can activate it up to 3 times and get 4 hands as a result. Yet, in case something goes wrong and you are not sure that the round will be successful for you, time to use Late Surrender option. Now you get back a half of your stake and insure yourself and the balance.

Bonus BJ

From the most popular to the newest. Yeah, this Blackjack kind is not so old, still, it has already taken its leading position among the others. You are dealt with 2 decks and the same Hole Card entertainment keeps on. The beginning seems common. You have a chance to activate both Split and Double Down features, just like in usual variations.

And here comes the difference. There is an optional side bet, which you can place. At that rate, you get a chance to strike a bonus payout when receiving definite hands. In case you get Jack and Aces of Spades, the extra prize is 50:1. For Jack and Aces suited, you obtain 25:1. Any 2 suited cards lead to 5:2 winning.

Double Exposure

I will describe the rules and you try to find the distinctions. The game offers you 8 card decks and the Dealer plays pretty fair. Yeah, you see both cards of your opponent, cause they are dealt face up. Now you can predict the result of the gameplay with more confidence.

Split any two cards, which have the equal value and place another bet for your new hand. Freely use the Double Down feature, in case your hand counts 9, 10 or 11 even after splitting them. Do your best to win the round, cause even if there are tied hands, you won’t be the one to succeed.


Mysterious things take place when you launch this kind of Blackjack. Yeah, you are to observe 8 decks of cards, though, not everything is so simple. All the Tens are removed and so each deck consists of 48 cards. Another unusual thing is that in case you collect a certain hand, you will receive a bonus.

Splitting here is allowed only for once, so that you have 2 separate hands. Use the Double Down options with its common rules and remember that your aim is 21, not more. One of the main reasons why I like this very alternative is that a player’s Blackjack always beats the Dealer’s one. And this fact can’t but gladden.

Vegas Downtown & Strip

The first variation (Vegas Downtown) is provided with 2 decks, which makes the process of counting the cards easier. Split your hand up to 3 times and Double Down placing another wager. As it is a Hole Card game, the Dealer will check out his hand when having either Ten or an Ace.

Vegas Strip alternative uses 4 decks of cards. Splitting is guided by the same rules, and you can get up to 4 hands in the end. The other principles, such as Double Down and the Dealer play, remain the same. So, selecting among the options may get difficult for some players. Check the payout and odds to compare and select only one game.

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Blackjack Casino Formats

Choosing between Blackjack variations is pretty hard. Yet, the chain of selections is not over. First you think about privileges, then it comes the time to worry about your conveniences. That is why, most online casinos provide several formats for their members.

You can relish the same game, even from the very spot, the main figure here is your profile. Enter the account from any device and it will represent the whole your gaming history. Besides, now it doesn’t matter where you are and what you do, online Blackjack can be reached from anywhere.


This traditional way of gambling is still popular nowadays. You use any laptop or personal computer based on Windows, iOS or Linux software and enter the web page of the casino. The next thing you know is that the site offers you to download the program to the desktop.

With this option, you can relish the whole collection of games. Yet, the operating speed of your PC may reduce. That is why, numerous players pick the instant play version. That is when you stay on the url and launch the amusements from your browser. This time you need to load the necessary plugin (Flash).


So many things change every day. And as our life gets more dynamic, the online gambling also becomes more mobile. Take out any of your iOS, Windows, Android, BlackBerry phone or tablet and enjoy the games online thru any browser. Add the link to bookmarks and rejoice easy usage.

Portable devices do not differ from the large screens in any sense. That is why, you can enter App Store, Play Market, Microsoft Store, etc. and find the unique application of the casino. Get the program and have a speedy access to Blackjack and its alternatives.

Live Dealer

Are you tired of competing with a machine? Time to change something in your pastime. Enter the Live Dealer Casino format and forget about soulless robots. Now you take part in a true game, which gathers players from all over the world. Interactive pastime is guaranteed.

Entering Blackjack in such a way, you see a table and an actual gaming process. Take a sit and wait until your turn comes. Now you can also place bets. Herewith, Live Chat is active and you can get in touch with the Dealer, as well as the players. You see their usernames and stake sizes.

Real Money Blackjack Pumba’s Overview

Now you know that there exist numerous kinds of BJ. Each variation comes with its personal features, bonuses, paytables, rules, etc. Before joining any alternative, take a good look at the other options and learn their principles in theory. Only then the choice will be more or less clear.

Yet, that will be strange if you start playing without actually understanding the general idea of the pastime. That is why, let me take such a responsibility to give you several helpful tips. The more you find out now, the easier it is to conquer the opponents later.


Right when you enter Blackjack, you see a table and the Dealer. Sit and have a deal. Getting 2 cards, you already see how much they count. Both your and the Dealer’s numbers will occur on the screen. Then you can ‘Stand’ and let the game compare the figures and determine the winner.

Otherwise, you can choose to ‘Hit’ and get another card to increase the hand. Besides, there is an option to activate additional features. Still, do not act too hitty missy. Your target remains the same – you should approach to the nearest number to 21, not going over it.


Long-term players already know what to do in order to gain the victory. But a little help won’t hurt anyway. Each Blackjack type offers numerous options and extra conditions. Are they all so profitable and inoffensive? I have prepared two separate lists of tips for new comers and advanced players. Which one will you choose?

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For Beginners

The rules seem very harsh when you haven’t tried the game yet. Everything changes as soon as you experience the pastime and feel the taste of victory. Herewith, you should be very careful, cause the lack of knowledge can play Old Harry with you. Here are several hints for you to use:

  • join the fun mode for the start
  • make low stakes
  • follow the tips on the screen
  • do not take risks

For Experts

Savvy players do not wait until someone tells them what to do. They act wisely and cunningly. However, no one knows what comes next. You can only predict the following card or hope that the gameplay will have a good ending. The whole story is about mathematical probability, nothing can be said with 100% assurance. Check out the main tips provided for Blackjack players and use them in the right way:

  • take a HIT card if your hand counts 16 or less, you are not in a strong position
  • if Dealer shows 4, 5 or 6 and you have 12 or higher, STAND
  • having 10 or 11, feel free to DOUBLE DOWN
  • owning Aces or Eights, SPLIT (do not split when having 10s)


This is another point to think about. Yeah, the range of coins usually varies from $1 up to $100 or $200. The higher stake you place, the higher cash prize you gain in the end. Yet, do not forget that when using Double Down or Split features, you should place the same bet for another hand. This time you should already evaluate your chances before making a stake.


Each Blackjack game provides various amounts of decks. Whether to make it a central point or not is your personal decision already. The only difference is that when you have numerous sets of playing cards, trying to predict your successful result is much harder. Yet, in case you experience the Hole Card game and one of the Dealer’s cards is face down, guessing becomes a hard thing also.

House Edge

I can’t miss such an important item. In case you really care about the victory, then you should also think about cash prize. Find the game with the lowest house edge. This is the percentage, which shows how much benefit the casino will get from your gameplay. Your prosperity is your priority, so be wise when making a selection.

AU$$$ Blackjack Promotions for Aussies

Getting pleasant surprises will never be too much. Another fairy tale starts when you launch a section with casino bonuses. This is your extra method to gain more cash, increase your balance and extend the playing time. Every promotion hides its personal conditions, requirements, terms and consequences. Learn each of them and then pick the most beneficial.


If you want to get a present, then you should make a deposit. This type includes Welcome and Welcome Package for the very first input. You can get High Roller offer for large investments. Ongoing bonuses are credited to long-term members, while Special Payment Method comes with your selection of a banking option. Check out the rules of each promo and remember about wagering, which waits for you in the end.

Non Cashable

Jump with joy, cause no deposit is required this time. You can activate either Free Spins or Free Cash bonus with the help of a promo code. The first option is linked to one fixed slot machine, so you can play only this very alternative. The second one can be rewarded only for a while. You get an hour and a target to win back more than given. In case of success, you can keep the winnings. Otherwise, you lose the lot.