Playtech Online Casinos for Aussie

Taking into account, the whole risk addiction of all Aussie gamblers, I decided to conduct an investigation and outline everything I found out about Playtech and its unique solutions for the online gambling environment. Why did I choose exactly this software supplier?

Hmmm… It’s not that hard to answer this question, it’ll just take a good deal of time to reveal all reasoning that I followed. That’s why I encourage you to read this article to understand why this provider deserves an entire web page on our site.

Brief Overview of the Company by Casino Pumba

So, Playtech is a cross-border company, dealing with the development of software for online casinos for Australians and other individuals who prefer betting to anything else. The operators simply fight for the chance to buy the newest projects of this designer as they’re confident in the quality and the success that will come along with such a profitable purchase.

Describing it in general, the virtual lobbies with lots of the chance-taking activities possess nice music, perfect graphics, high payouts, engrossing gaming experience and ideal conditions for your leisure. Once you try playing at one of its clubs, you can’t but keep yourself away anymore from such an exciting pastime.

Quick Insight into History

Playtech online casinos inventor - Teddy SagiThe firm launched its operations back in 1999 in a tiny Estonian city named Tartu. This accomplishment belongs to an entrepreneur with an Israeli origin, Teddy Sagi.

Having analyzed the market, in 2001 they released their first ever slot machine and awarded the first contract with the licensed online gambling house for the soft delivery. It was a ClubDice institution which possessed not big audience.

It offered merely 14 games. Since then, the provider has started picking up speed, cooperating with more sites and enriching their portfolio.

In 2002, Playtech launched activities with the progressive jackpots. Up to this date, the general sum of all paid off jackpots composes $196,000,000. In 2004, the developer created its personal iPoker – the entire poker network. Lots of gaming giants work now on the platform from this engineering producer.

At the beginning of 2005, they widened their collection up to 100 different online games. In 2006, they placed their shares on the London Stock Exchange in what made them more public and recognizable. During the next year, they entered the markets of Estonia, Italy, Spain and Serbia.

Approaching 2008, the top managers entered into a contract with Paramount Studios. According to this, they gained the right to release entertainments based on the plots of famous movies. In 2009, they started cooperating with Marvel in what enabled them to create comics-themed activities.

The software supplier spent more than 10, complicated years to snatch such a huge piece of the relevant market. During the ongoing years they initiated an expansion and bought out such projects as GTS, Ash Gaming, Virtue Fusion, Geneity, PokerStrategy. In August of 2014, Playtech became a part of The Gambling Business Group. This year they work tightly with the Warner Bros.

Online Gaming Business Career

Up to now, the whole working staff totals 3,600 employees from all around the planet. From the time of its blossoming, the firm managed to involve the best professionals and specialists from different countries and now they keep on hunting for witty programmers, testers, marketing and project managers.

In one word, they never stop improving on what they already have. Living in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Estonia or Bulgaria, you can become the part of the cutting-edge team of the real experts. If they notice the potential, they snatch it without any delay.

Service and Care

The contemporary market is so full of rivals, that clients need something really valuable. They require a designer which will treat them appropriately and create the best ever conditions for enjoying this risky amusement. Playtech, in its turn, offers a set of worthy tools for arranging all that.

Due to its Turnkey Services, division and PTTP tech, they offer quick operational supervision, marketing of both internal and external types, suitable applications and a high-level round-the-clock customer support team (live chat, e-mail, telephone, etc.). Here’s the full list of the services and care measures:

  • customer;
  • financial;
  • fraud prevention;
  • hosting;
  • payment advisory;
  • poker and bingo network management;
  • live dealer;
  • marketing.

All Playtech online casinos for you

Management System

It’s a rather complicated task to control such a large enterprise. That’s why a strong management system is what they demand to have better results and keep everything in order. I want to show you some examples of how they strengthen the company.

In London this autumn, they hired 3 more managers to the project team. They are Richard Andrew for the COO position, Danny Angus for the CTO vacancy and Peter Greberg as Technical Director. Moreover, they have recently hired a new strategic advisor as the old one was upgraded to the COO status.

They study the candidates up and down and pick out the best representatives. I propose putting an emphasis on the investigation of their management solutions and opportunities to make everything clear.

Solutions and Opportunities

Adherence to old-school methods is a by-gone thing of the past. Only the lazy and super self-confident corporations use the solutions that were effective decades ago. Playtech is different. It’s full of desire to explode the online gambling world and show all the possibilities. The main instruments they’ve chosen for achieving this goal are IMS and EdGE. See next what it implies.

IMS (Information Management Solution)

Their IMS that stands for the Information Management Solution is a valuable instrument that assists in the positive running and managing of the business. The key responsibility of this tool is to help determine the best operational plan for business and the steps to adhere to it. So, what is it? Due to IMS, the company can fully control the player’s life-cycle: from initial investment to the complete dragging in.

The operators approach the option of real-time analytics usage for an assessment of all the gambler’s actions. The solution possesses the customization and regulatory framework which helps research the customer segment. That is a rather complex program in which the total aim is an improvement.

EdGE (Enhanced Gaming Engine platform)

Here I present to you the most flexible platform with open solutions for management. That is the Enhanced Gaming Engine which opens access to about 25 providers’ databases. All suppliers can now check the existing content offered on the rest of the market.

Lots of the domains are supported on EdGE. The attainability of the feature sets, all available games, functionalities and other efficient items – this is all possible thanks to this advanced technology. You should know that it’s incorporated into the IMS system.

Playtech Casinos: Formats and Shapes

Considering the format issue, Playtech has many offers. With the diversity of devices today, it’s quite hard to optimize the software to all tools. However, this supplier dislikes easy tasks and now you’ll see why. All possible versions for computers and portable devices are for your choosing.

Desktop, Laptop, PC

Initially, I’ll describe the gameplay on the personal computers and laptops. Here you, guys, have 2 ways: download the online casino or opt for playing from the web browser. The usual desktop version is accessible by the plurality of the computers.

Besides, if you use Mac, Playtech offers you only an instant mode. With an Apple device you won’t manage to launch the downloadable format. Today, Linux supported casinos only start appearing on the market. Most of them are for an instant play. So, you can acquire at completely painless process only with the desktop Windows tools.

Playtech Android vs iOS systems

Mobile Gadgets: from Phones to Tablets

In 2012, the software producer in collaboration with the Mobenga developers elaborated on the Mobile Hub platform, which allowed integrating portals with mobile appliances. Consequently, the users got admittance to the all-large portfolio consisting of more than 300 applications. The Mobile Hub gives the chance for the operators to place all projects for the portable usage via the standard API. Playtech cell lobbies are compatible with both Android and iOS.


80% of gambling audience are keepers of Android gadgets. So, I won’t pass this fact by and tell you about the best smartphones and tablets for adequate staking performance on the move. I’ll now disappoint many adventurers with the requirements for the device, as not everyone possesses the perfect tool for betting.

First of all, a 5 inch display is the starting point – smaller screen can spoil the process. Internal operating memory – 32 GB minimum, if you want to launch the casino for Australians with no interruptions. Plus, update your OS, if the program requests. Actually, check the required OS version for the house in the terms.

In most cases, you get to set up either Lollipop or Marshmallow. Try the models from the Samsung Edge Line, Google Pixel, Nexus 6, Huawei P9, Motorola MOTO X Force, LG G5. The following tablets will be appropriate as well: Asus ZenPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo Tab 2, etc. Check the Play Market and take the club you prefer.


Apple users also have to follow some technological recommendations for upgrading the device. Retina display is the first thing to watch. It offers good conditions for gambling. Investigate the memory of the gadget (the same 32GB should be sufficient). Big resolution and diagonal are amid the obligatory items.

Try to install the newest iOS update or check which version is supported by the virtual casino for iPhone, iPad or even iPod. The line of Air tablets, iPhone 6, 6Plus, SE, 7 and 7Plus will be ideal solutions for betting via the Apple platform. The App Store is the place to investigate.

Live Dealers

The company has been developing a Live Dealer casino since 2003. As a result, they became the leaders in this very specter. It’s more pleasant to play roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker with the real croupier on the display than observing its pitiful digital copy. The most popular attraction is the young women who play the role of dealers.

Playtech leadership on the market

Casinos by Playtech – Top-Rated by Pumba

Among other advantages of the software from this provider I’ll mention the availability of many languages and the access to many countries. We can have a long talk about this magnificent provider, but let’s discuss the other characteristics such as the security aspect, banking and payouts.

Real Money Gameplay – Safety and Security Aspect

This gaming firm adheres to the honesty, fair play and security principles. They possess many confirming certificates and personally control the business. Aside from that, they provide the thrill-seekers with special safety mechanisms, instruments for self-blocking, identity checking, age verification, anti-fraud program and unique self-exclusion tools.

Flexible Banking

Coming to the issue of banking options with all seriousness and attentiveness. You play for real, my friends, so take your time and efforts to opt for the safest and fastest methods on the sites. 2 operations are constant in the betting process – depositing and withdrawing.


Zero in your mind up on investments, as it is inescapable in the real cash mode. For your own welfare, check the Balance section with all possible payment services. Get ready to link your VISA, MasterCard or Amex card to the casino account.

Take advantage of the transactions via the e-wallets like Neteller, PayPal or Skrill. Pretty easy and affordable e-checks can also be amid the mechanisms. 90% of them require no fees for depositing. Additionally, the operation flows instantly.


Have you gone through the cash-ins channels? So, no sense repeating the information as you can perform withdrawal using the equivalent methods, that is cards and e-wallets. Plus, there’s the option of bank transfer. E-checks are not always feasible. Fees can be applied and the transaction needs several days (up to 5 business shifts). Examine the wagers for the promo money.

Payout %

From all Playtech online casinos, there are representatives with absolutely diverse payout rates. Different games have different RTP. It is 95-99% for the slots, 97-99% for the table chance-taking activities. Every coefficient that is not lower than 95% is great for normal betting performance.