Best Android Casinos for Australians

Today, people always carry their smartphones with them, despite the place they are going to. And 80% of these devices are equipped with the Android operating system for platform which allows having access to the best online casino for mobile with the best ever chance-taking activities.

Android Devices & Online Casinos – Compatibility Aspect by Pumba

As far as I have a little experience with the gambling houses for the gadgets in Australia, I’ll tell you all information which I hope will be helpful for your choice both of the portal and the device. It is not enough to have Android supported tool. The one should have the necessary technical background. And that is my basic object of the following paragraphs.


Up to the date, Samsung releases the top smartphones and tablets. They offer the production with up to 128 GB of the embedded memory. Amoled and TFT displays with Full HD, Quad HD, and usual HD resolutions are essential features for betting on the go. The flagship phones possess the CPU frequency of maximally 2.3 GHz (Galaxy Edge line), what makes the battery stronger.


The key difference of Motorola from Samsung is that the models are much cheaper and affordable to the gamblers. They provide the operating memory only from 2 to 3 GB. But there are some releases with more than 3 GB.

The displays are also of the Amoled type and IPS as well. The same Full HD, Quad HD, HD resolutions are available. Plus, they produce eight core processors. Generally, Motorola devices are quite good for enjoying mobile casinos (Moto X, G, Z, Droid turbo).


The design of HTC is not the thing to discuss, but it makes lots of people confused. 5.5’ of the IPS or TFT display with HD, Quad HD or qHD resolutions offer an adequate game process. CPU frequency (1.3-1.8 GHz) is not so high, but you can play a whole day with no charging. Operating system size is up to 3 GB what makes it rather powerful.


LG phones also differ by its relevant cheapness. The CPU frequency is poor (maximally 1.4 GHz), so battery can set you up anytime. The screens are big and that is an advantage. Only 16 GB of the embedded memory will not be sufficient for downloading all desirable casinos, so you’ll have to buy the storage card. There are one, four and eight core releases. Try LG X CAM K580, X VIEW K500 of various colors.

android casinos for all users


What can I say about Sony gadgets for Aussie? In general, they can suit playing on the go normally. Common 5.5’ Full HD and HD displays with IPS type are OK for making the bets. The CPU frequency is up to 2.5 GHz, what is really cool.

The maximal scale of the embedded memory is 64 GB, operating one – 2-3 GB. You can buy the storage cards as there are the slots for them. Sony XPERIA X PERFORMANCE, COMPACT F5321, XA ULTRA F3212 are for you to examine.

Google Gadgets

Not so long ago, Google stared releasing its own smartphones. There are the models to check out and they are Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Pixel line has taken all the best from the previous Nexus devices, but it stepped forward and possesses many more interesting options and characteristics.

Yes, I know, they are too expensive, but they are perfect. It has the best camera on the market with the laser autofocus. 4 GB of the operating memory makes it fast and furious. 5’ display with 1920*1080 resolutions will show you the best casino picture ever. So, think about your budget before purchasing Google Pixel.


There are also other Android gadgets for you to investigate. However, some of them possess the modified platform. You can take time and check Huawei, Meizu, Asus, Doogee, Fly, Prestigio, Bravis, Acer and many others. However, we have discussed the best variants in the previous chapters.

Observation of Android Casino Formats to Try

With the rapid development of the mobile sphere and the implementation of the gambling into it, lots of innovative functionalities come up every time. It also relates to the formats of playing and here I have something to tell you as well. My key target here is to negotiate about the instant mode, applications and live dealer performances. So, let’s start.

Instant Play with HTML5 – What Browser to Choose?

From the very beginning, there were only the Internet games which you could launch from your browser. Today, such activities also exist, but the diversity of the browsers has changed. And that is a positive aspect, I think.

Mozilla Firefox

The more programs on the Australian market, the better for us, as the rivalry guarantees the diversity and the higher quality. Mozilla Firefox is one of the browsers that is common to every player. Gecko engine is used for the development of the platform. It offers many languages to choose and it is a great option.

The browser lacks the button “Back” and that bothers many users. For gambling it is not the perfect variant. However, it supports many add-ons, allows synchronization without Google account and makes it possible to integrate the engines for the search.

all android mobile browsers


Considering Android gadgets, Opera has been the most preferable mobile browser. It has many updates and, consequently, releases. There are lots of unique options like Speed Dial (you can store your beloved sites and links and then launch them faster – e.g. online casino sites).

Opera Mini beta is for you to test, if you wish to investigate all their novel features and see the whole addition. There are the following add-ons for more fun Peek, BlueJeans Meeting, Forget that page, Emoji Keyboard, Personal Shopping Assistant and many others.


Many devices – when you buy them – already have this mobile Chrome browser installed. It is a perfect program for betting on the go. The optimization is awesome and it doesn’t malfunction as often as other browsers can.

To check the newest options, you can download the beta version or try the development channel one. For the most efficient performance, it offers to set the plugins or to try some add-ones which you can find on the official market.

Dolphin and Others

One more program for you to investigate for gambling is here. Dolphin will provide you with the fast web launching, playing of the HTML5 videos, ads blocking. It offers to try the multi-tab mode, side panels and the anonymous Internet surfing. You have also the other variants: Flynx, Ghostery, Mercury, Naked, Puffin, and UC.

Application – What? Where? How?

The mobile application is a new format of communication, entertainments and services. Why do the companies develop them? That is because of the revolution in the world of the mobile instruments which increased the audience of the users.

Different widgets, hazardous games and other amusements, original projects, mobile versions of other programs – that is all that the modern client needs today. And Android guarantees that on a full scale.

Google Play Market

The speed of the devices on this platform simply impresses. Today, more than a billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play Market, including the best gambling houses for fun and leisure in Australia. Accessibility of the activities in this market is the thing the thrill-seekers have been longing for. Check out the source – probably you’ll face there something of your preference.

Native Apps

The native app is the one that has been developed especially for a certain operating system (in our case – Android). It always requires downloading and installation on your gadget. The developers use a definite IDE for the elaboration of such programs (Eclipse). Some of the native apps still demand the Internet access, but most of them are independent of the network.

android native applications offered

Live Casino – Is It Available on My Phone/Tablet?

So, I can’t but tell about the most innovative mode of the modernity. It is a live dealer regime that opens a new horizon for the users. You can compare it to the real gameplay, but still in the virtual reality. You can watch the croupier, chat with the opponents and see almost everything. Additionally, the operators very often invite beautiful people for such occasions.

Top Casino Games to Play thru Android Device

Apart from all above-mentioned possibilities, there is another stuff of interest. The players will never get bored as the collection of the entertainments for the gamblers includes all sorts of available items. Let’s check them out one by one.


Online gambling machines are the easiest to play. Consequently, the adventurers love them most of all. The providers see that and develop more and more mobile slots with exciting themes. Plus, lots of the features are available (free spins, bonus rounds, gamble, wilds, etc.). The biggest jackpots were won due to this type of the activity.


Another entertainment for your device is blackjack, which has been a topic of many famous movies. Here a lot of strategies come up. You can count the cards, if trying single hand variant as with the multi hand one it is quite complicated to follow the cards. Surrender, Double Exposure, Switch and many other types are for your choice.

Video Poker

For many years, people have considered poker as a thing that relates to the sport, but not to the gambling. Now, you are free to set it on your Android phone and enjoy. All you get to know is the pattern of the combinations. Plus, remember about the four-flushing and experience it personally.

all android mobile games foe you


Everyone knows the wheel with red and black sectors. Everyone knows that it is the main attribute of online roulette. Just make the bet, throw the marble and expect the result. Choose from the European, French or American types. However, they differ not so much. Try the variants with 0 and 00 and opt the one you like more.


One more card game is baccarat. It is not as interesting as the previous activities, but still lots of the players love it. It requires 2 decks. Your destination is 9 points, once you collect them – you win. All cards have the correspondence to the definite scores. Besides, some kinds consider 19 and 29 as the winning points as well.


I have just bandied about the most famous entertainments, but there are many more games for your attention. Different variations of the slots – 3D, video, progressive – will catch you at once. Additionally, you can attempt bingo, sic bo, craps and various lotteries.

Special Casino Bonuses for Android Players

The funny process of playing on the go is not a single privilege. Lots of the bonuses are in the list of the offers for the avid thrill-seekers who adore mobile gambling. No deposit promotion for singing in is for all new-comers. Free money or free spins are yours immediately.

Make your 1st deposit and you’ll see what will happen. All your actions on the portal are rewarded by the operators. Daily and weekly promos, VIP programs, matches, comp points, cash-back, refer-a-friend and many other encouragements are yours.

Android Casino AUD Winners

You can be one of the lucky winners, if you use your Android gadget for making the bets. I know a couple of the jackpot hitters. Oh… I’d like to be among them. And you? So, don’t waste your time and download the apps or play instantly. €7.9 and US$3.9 are the sums of the biggest mobile jackpots won in 2016 and 2014 accordingly. Use your gadget for your profit.